Brasilian Hoops Star

the brasiliero basket kid

the brasiliero basket kid

Fabricio de Melo is a high school basketballer who is 7 feet tall, and just so happens to be from Brasil. He attends high school in florida, and recently got the attention of colleges, after noticing his “game” on the waxed floor.

After reading his bio and how he grew up playing futebol… I started to say to myself why would you want to play basket?

Dont get me wrong but I like to shoot some hoop every 5 years or so… but brasilians and soccer go together like peanut butter and jelly… it seems so wrong.

I know how basketball is growing in popularity in Iberia America, Mexico, Argentina, etc all have basketball leagues now.

I only can imagine how a 7 foot center foward would play on a soccer field, the corner kicks and set pieces… If he could get his head on a cross and also if he had the ability to header, he would be valuable just for his height.

But then again He is probably playing Basketball because he is not a good footie player..

either way He probably with be joining the rest of growing minority of latino/hispanic basketball players in the NBA.. in the coming future.


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