Big Chuck on Obama Birth

Chuck Norris wants to see Obama birth certificate… You  know what Chuck!,  I want to see proof your are really part native american.

Just about everyone I know say..”oh I’m Cherokee blah blah.”

I know stereo-types are not the way to go on races or peoples, but when everyone with blonde hair and blue eyes says they are Cherokee, etc… It starts to sound funny.

I loved Walker Texas Ranger, the cheesiness of the show did it all for me, Broddick missing in action flicks even cheesier…

its funny coming from a guy who served in the Air Force..

Anyway back to Chucky’s native-ness… We want to see a blood test or something..

You too, Dog the Bounty Hunter… the long hair and beads, just not cutting it for us..chuckgunsdog

They both look like they could use a good shower… very trailer


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