Chivas Vs Barca

Oh Yeah…My lil Goats played well and didn’t lose to the MONEY club called Barca. Good game and I’m

glad this result gets some Mexican haters mad, since the MLS teams all lost.. Mexico still has a better league and teams.

Chivas played with no mexican internationals, and whats funnier is Chivas is struggling in the League for the past few years…

I know Barca is a Better team, and many starters were on the pine, but they are Europe’s best, even a reserve can be a starter on any given team or league… so no excuses

Being a Mexican of Basque blood who supports Athletic Bilbao, “whoFC Barcelona Chivas Soccer lost in the Copa del Rey this year to Barca” makes this even sweeter..

Watching Barca’s other Mexican was nice too, lets see if Jonny Dos Santos will surpass his bro Gio.



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