The Late-Late Show

craig Craig Ferguson is probably one the funniest men on Tv. He does not try too hard to make  you laugh, it looks like he relies just on his pure personality and charm to make you crack a smile, sure sometimes is toilet humor or in some cases flat out raunchy

The parodies He comes out with are hilarious, the Arnold, Micheal Cain, Prince Charles…. all priceless.

Yeah, sometimes the guests on the show are lame or just straight out boring, but on occasion he pulls A list celebs promoting a movies or book.

With all said, I probably would not stay up all nite to catch the show, since I already work a 3am shift, but the beauty of the DVR has changed everything for our viewing pleasure.

If you never seen the show, record it and become a fergie groupie.

Its like TV crack, just lil taste, and you will be sucking on people’s toes just to have the remote control.


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