Mexico 3-0 Costa Rica

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What a game, there is still hope! Gio Dos Santos and Ef Juarez… both players had once played in Barca’s youth systems are starting to shine for El Vasco new Mexican Team.


Tecate and Tecate Light

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First of All, Growing up in a small border town and having the city of Tecate close by, It brings me a fondness of home.

Tecate, California and Tecate, Baja California Norte MX are located in the back country of San Diego County. The mexican city by no means is the size of Tijuana.

The Tecate brewery is only about 5 mins from the US/Mexican Border, and it offers a tour and samples of the beers like many breweries.tecate1

Many People argue the fact of how good Tecate is…. some say its just another plain mexican beer. I love Tecate, more than Corona. There is no comparison between the tastes of the two.

Tecate has its own taste… abit more of a  alcohol flavor, sharp tangy taste as it hits your tongue, with a unique flavor all to itself.. if you take time to savor it while its in your mouth, you will notice the amora of a milder german beer, its a man’s beer. It has all the favor you would want it in a beer.

On a hot day, like today when its 98 degrees inside my apartment and its 7pm, it hits the spot. So yes its a very refreshing beer, but drink it cold because when its gets a bit warm, its not as good…

The whole deal with lime and salt, i believe was just a fad in mexico back in the 90s. All the mexicans I know and myself skip that scene and i guess its more of a american/ tourist thing, but If you like it go for it…

Alot of Beers from Mexico are made to be drank with a light meal, seafood and salads, etc. Many of us, enjoy them with Tacos and Burritos. So keep that in mind..

tecate-light-bottleNow as for Tecate Light, its good.. The Favor has been abit watered down as of all “Light Beers” but the character that makes Tecate is still there. Calories in a can or bottle are 110.

I recommend you buy it, Its one of the most cheapest imported beers around, at times a 30pk can can cost you $16, and a 18 pk can $9.

Just remember this beer has a taste of its own, dont expect to be drinking a Corona or Dos XX.

Man vs Wild or Man vs Food

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I enjoy both shows alot. One can teach you to survive in the wildreness….bear_grylls

while the other stuffs his face and probably regrets when He is crapping out a 5lb turd…duran

I hear stories of Bear Grylls being a fake and all, but still Bear is the man. Its Television! the man is not going to kill himself for our viewing pleasure….

But If I had a choice to either be lost in the jungles of central america, or have to eat a 8lb steak… i would probably choose the latter.

Mexican Beer

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Mexico is the oldest brewing nation in Iberia America “the proper term”.  Since the times of the Aztecas and Mayans, they have been brewing drinks from leaves and juices of corn, and the agave plant, where tequila comes from also.

The drinks were called Pulque, Mezcal, and with the arrival of the Espanols bought distillation in the 1500s.

As  immigration to Mexico picked up in the 1800s from countries like Germany, Belgium, Austria, “now” the Czech Republic, Spain, France and England,  all who came to work in the new forming industries.

The fact France put a Austrian Prince on the throne in Mexico, only add to Mexico’s rich brewing history.

FEMSA and Groupo Modelo are the biggest Breweries in Mexico.

FEMSA owns Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery, which is based in Northern Mexico in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. It produces beer thorough out facilities in Mexico.

Which brews Sol, Bohemia, Superior, Tecate, Casta, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis, Noche Buena brands.

The majority which You see in your local markets…

Groupo Modelo is the next one, which is based out of Mexico City.

The produce the majority of exported beers to USA, Canada, UK.

The brands brewed are Corona, Corona Light, Nerga Modelo, Model light, Model Especial, Pacifico.

Along with Domestic brands Victoria, Estrella, Leon, and Montejo, which are only avaible in Mexico.

The Micro Breweries in Mexico gaining a following are Tijuana, Cerveza Cucapa, Cerveceria Primus & Minerva, Mexicali and Aztec Brewing company from Baja California Norte. The majority only found in Mexico and specialty markets in the Southwest.

To try to sum up all Mexican beers in one post would be ridiculous.. So I will be posting blogs on the brands as I go.

I …like many beer connoisseurs are not drunks, but only enjoy the beers in moderation.


We can only win at home

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Yup, just like everybody else in Concacaf, Home is where the heart is….

Mexico has handled the criticism and mockery from everyone and seems to be turning it into motivation.

Heart can take you a long way in life… and that’s whats needed for Mexico to continue to Win its big games in qualifying.

I, like alot of Mexico supports are not here to run our mouths about how everyone else sucks and we will go to South Africa… Why because We are not playing in the game and nothing is certain….

The group is tight now, and Costa Rica, United States, Honduras, Mexico, and maybe even El Salvador and T&T could book a trip to the Copa…

Concacaf seems to be the only even region when it comes to team ability. Everyone seems to be growing,and while others may brag about their supposed “greatness” and what not, Concacaf is a equal playing field..

Sure Mexico has indiviual talents, along with Honduras, and USA’s Tim Howard, but we are learning that indiviualism doesn’t work in soccer.

It worked for Maradona, but He is the greatest of all time.. sorry Brasilieros, Pele is second.

Anyway Heart and team work won this game, whatever the US media and US Soccer Fans try to spin, can’t hide the fact

they lost, good counter by Davies but that’s all, the rest was patience and determination by the Mexicans to hold on to its 74 year run over the USA in Mexico…

The 10 year ended run sounds so weak in comparison…

Martin Rogers… you are rubbish! Quit trying to promote racism and hate among soccer fans with your falsified single source who was supposedly at the game…. please only a moron would believe your crap!Mexico07

Mexican team keep bringing  joy to a REAL FOOTBALL NATION!

The Late-Late Show

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craig Craig Ferguson is probably one the funniest men on Tv. He does not try too hard to make  you laugh, it looks like he relies just on his pure personality and charm to make you crack a smile, sure sometimes is toilet humor or in some cases flat out raunchy

The parodies He comes out with are hilarious, the Arnold, Micheal Cain, Prince Charles…. all priceless.

Yeah, sometimes the guests on the show are lame or just straight out boring, but on occasion he pulls A list celebs promoting a movies or book.

With all said, I probably would not stay up all nite to catch the show, since I already work a 3am shift, but the beauty of the DVR has changed everything for our viewing pleasure.

If you never seen the show, record it and become a fergie groupie.

Its like TV crack, just lil taste, and you will be sucking on people’s toes just to have the remote control.

Chivas Vs Barca

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Oh Yeah…My lil Goats played well and didn’t lose to the MONEY club called Barca. Good game and I’m

glad this result gets some Mexican haters mad, since the MLS teams all lost.. Mexico still has a better league and teams.

Chivas played with no mexican internationals, and whats funnier is Chivas is struggling in the League for the past few years…

I know Barca is a Better team, and many starters were on the pine, but they are Europe’s best, even a reserve can be a starter on any given team or league… so no excuses

Being a Mexican of Basque blood who supports Athletic Bilbao, “whoFC Barcelona Chivas Soccer lost in the Copa del Rey this year to Barca” makes this even sweeter..

Watching Barca’s other Mexican was nice too, lets see if Jonny Dos Santos will surpass his bro Gio.