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Thats what Sundance film channel calls it. Sure the title catches your eye so you decide to check it out.. and Boy is it good!

If you’re like me and hate the majority of crap that is being made by movie companies here in the states, You try to look else where to find films that actually are worthy of entertaining your precious mind.

1 of the recent films I have seen that are worth watching are Old Boy. My Brother recommended me this to me…

It was released in Korea in 2003, and has gain statues of a cult classic.  Chang-wook Park directed this twisted tale of imprisonment and revengeoldboy.

Its pointless for me to tell you the plot and so-on, because it will only ruin the movie for you. Netflix it or check out Sundance channel on demand if you have cable.

Its a bit long and involving so just prepare yourself for sweet flick..