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Soup from the Basque Land “Euskadi Herria”

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Basque food in general is good!  It has contributed to the cuisines of  Espana, France, Mexico, and other Iberian American countries that received basque immigrants.

Basque Food is simple but with favor… a few ingredients can go along way when done right…

Porrusalda… a tasty potato and leek soup.

If you can screw up making this then you probably should stay out of the kitchen…

Yes, there are variations to making this…some add egg, peppers, and cod fish, omit the meats and chicken broth and it can be made for a veg head, too,  but since this is the way I make it, so then this is the way you will make it.

chicken broth= either the ol fashion way or the swanson way.. straight out the can.

4 cans… the big ones. 32 oz

Potatoes= whatever kind you like… 8-10 chopped into 1/4 sized pieces…

Leeks= big ones… 4-5, chopped thick

Bacon or Sausages= whole package… Fry on the side.

Olive Oil= how ever much you use to gently fry

Salt and Pepper= to your taste

Basic…  throw potatoes and leeks in a big soup pot…. put olive oil and begin to brown them, don’t burn the leeks, ok

then You add the Chicken Stock…. and cover… check to see how the potatoes are softening up, fork tender.

While that’s going on… Fry the Bacon or the sausage and then crumb into small pieces…

Uncover and taste… add some salt and some pepper

Serve in a bowl add the Bacon/sausage bits on top and eat.

So simple but very tasty…

Nothing can stop you from adding or using your imagination when it comes to cooking, so add something if you want and let me know how it went…