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We can only win at home

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Yup, just like everybody else in Concacaf, Home is where the heart is….

Mexico has handled the criticism and mockery from everyone and seems to be turning it into motivation.

Heart can take you a long way in life… and that’s whats needed for Mexico to continue to Win its big games in qualifying.

I, like alot of Mexico supports are not here to run our mouths about how everyone else sucks and we will go to South Africa… Why because We are not playing in the game and nothing is certain….

The group is tight now, and Costa Rica, United States, Honduras, Mexico, and maybe even El Salvador and T&T could book a trip to the Copa…

Concacaf seems to be the only even region when it comes to team ability. Everyone seems to be growing,and while others may brag about their supposed “greatness” and what not, Concacaf is a equal playing field..

Sure Mexico has indiviual talents, along with Honduras, and USA’s Tim Howard, but we are learning that indiviualism doesn’t work in soccer.

It worked for Maradona, but He is the greatest of all time.. sorry Brasilieros, Pele is second.

Anyway Heart and team work won this game, whatever the US media and US Soccer Fans try to spin, can’t hide the fact

they lost, good counter by Davies but that’s all, the rest was patience and determination by the Mexicans to hold on to its 74 year run over the USA in Mexico…

The 10 year ended run sounds so weak in comparison…

Martin Rogers… you are rubbish! Quit trying to promote racism and hate among soccer fans with your falsified single source who was supposedly at the game…. please only a moron would believe your crap!Mexico07

Mexican team keep bringing  joy to a REAL FOOTBALL NATION!

United States Soccer Fans?

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Yes, its true… its not a lie. Maybe only a few hundred americans actually follow the USMNT like any national team should be followed.

I know for a fact many Americans just follow the USMNT for “Patriotic reasons only”, they don’t know Squat about the sport,…. current events, histories,etc. Yet a lot of Americans try to stand toe to toe with the rest of the “real” footballing world.

The Racism that follows the majority of American “soccer” Fans is sad…..go to Yahoo sports,, etc. Read the racist BS written by american soccer fans about mexicans..

Anybody with half a brain, knows the 2 countries have  histories of war, stolen lands, immigration, drug trafficking.

But this is a sport and nothing else… There is no need to run your arrogant, ignorant mouths just to make yourself feel better.

I know that  the love affair Mexicans have with football makes you want to cry, and try even harder to act like a British Hooligan..

I know for a fact the if the USA is consider 2nd to any country, God forbid Mexico of them all… It enrages the US public…

But yet again its a sport….americanfan2usafan1

Yahoo Sports Biggest Moron

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Its a known fact here in the USA,  Soccer is only a kids game and honestly nobody cares about the US soccer period!

I got to agreed… the MLS is weak and US mens national team plays some of the most boring soccer around, minus the womens side who can actually win games.

What chaps my ass is how writers like Martin Rogers have jobs as sports writers… Maritn writes crap and lies to the so called “american soccer” fan.

“Oh US mens team loss 20-0 to Malta today but I am Martin Rogers, I have to save the face of american soccer and write some kind of crap on why they loss.

“Well the sunshine was bright and the rotation of the earths magnetric field was in favor of Malta, who were playing with super natural powers.” Eat it up American Soccer Fans.

I know Martin Rogers is kissing american booty, first of all because he writes for yahoo sports and then Because He is a Brit living in the USA.

Hey.. Roger nobody is going to kick your pasty ass for writing anything bad about US soccer! You might piss off the 10 people who read your  garbage, but who cares.

Martin personally leads the production in the US soccer excuse machine… whenever something bad happens, Martin will be here to play in down or make some kind of excuse why they suck.

I understand the Media in general with always spread the news they want to spread, or are told to spread, but when it comes to sports…  its just a game.