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Yahoo Sports Biggest Moron

Posted in Uncategorized, us soccer with tags , , , , , , , on August 5, 2009 by aupamexi

Its a known fact here in the USA,  Soccer is only a kids game and honestly nobody cares about the US soccer period!

I got to agreed… the MLS is weak and US mens national team plays some of the most boring soccer around, minus the womens side who can actually win games.

What chaps my ass is how writers like Martin Rogers have jobs as sports writers… Maritn writes crap and lies to the so called “american soccer” fan.

“Oh US mens team loss 20-0 to Malta today but I am Martin Rogers, I have to save the face of american soccer and write some kind of crap on why they loss.

“Well the sunshine was bright and the rotation of the earths magnetric field was in favor of Malta, who were playing with super natural powers.” Eat it up American Soccer Fans.

I know Martin Rogers is kissing american booty, first of all because he writes for yahoo sports and then Because He is a Brit living in the USA.

Hey.. Roger nobody is going to kick your pasty ass for writing anything bad about US soccer! You might piss off the 10 people who read your  garbage, but who cares.

Martin personally leads the production in the US soccer excuse machine… whenever something bad happens, Martin will be here to play in down or make some kind of excuse why they suck.

I understand the Media in general with always spread the news they want to spread, or are told to spread, but when it comes to sports…  its just a game.