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the balding beauty

Posted in Futbol with tags , , , , , on August 8, 2009 by aupamexi

My brother and I were watching the Real Madrid vs Toronto Fc game…. even though it was on ESPN.. we put it on mute, so we would save out ears from the terrible commentators.

After Robben scored we started to wonder why Arjen doesn’t just get a hair transplant or just shave his head skin bald, He has the cash for a new top.

Shaving seems to be the fashion among the balding, it looks like Arjen steers clear of the razors.

Have look…

with hair...

with hair...

losing hair, mind you he still gots enough on the sides

losing hair, mind you he still gots enough on the sides

His Young Holland days, still wet behind the ears, hungry to play football at the highest levels…..

The Real Madrid years look bad, it could have been the pressure he felt that made for more rapid hair loss…

Xabi y Real Madrid

Posted in Futbol with tags , , , , , on August 7, 2009 by aupamexi

The big pimp club of the world Real Madrid did it again… Real already spend $279 million melons on 4 players… and you would think that’s enough, right? Nope, I guess its not..

Well.. Seeing a Basque player in a Real Madrid jersey upset some people… well I know Xabi would never play for Athletic, First probably because he is a Real Sociedad man,”even though many have jumped ship and joined Athletic”… and secondly I do not think Athletic could satisfy his financial needs…

It was worth dreaming about..I could only imagine Xabi playin in the Red and Black.

So what now, Real Madrid gots the best team on paper, but they probably fail to win La Liga and Champions.

Serves them right…. i hope?xabi1